Your personal assistant for slashing churn and retaining customers

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Discover at-risk customers early
Recover departing customers
Learn why people are leaving
Improve retention and loyalty

Stop churn before it can
even happen.

Identify top performers

See which of your customers are the most loyal, then reach out to learn what they love about you.

Forecast which accounts are at risk

Our state-of-the-art churn prediction model will notify you if a big account is at risk of churning.

Your daily reminder to push forward

You get a regular digest with insights from your personal churn data. We analyze it once per day, and present what you should know.

Be on top of your numbers

We offer one-click integrations for NPS, CHI and allow you to dive deep into your churn metrics.

Coming Soon: Recovery

It's not all lost: Make the most out of churn

  • Customizable Exit Survey

    Learn how and why things go wrong, with a flexible and fully customizable exit survey.

  • Recovery Automation

    Offer trial extensions, subscription suspensions or refunds automatically, based on what people answer in their exit survey.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Learn why your users leave, which users stays, and which ones go, thanks to powerful and segmentable analytics.

Virtual Assistant

A personal guide for your growth

The churn assistant helps you prioritize and solve the issues that you should tackle first, for all those times when there is just too much to do.

  • Quick, intuitive in-app help

    The assistant brings you up to speed with the most important things to look at, whenever you decide to check your stats again.

  • Regular digests for leaders

    They key is to stay consistent. The assistant sends you a report once per day, with all things that need action.

  • Down to the individual

    Churn should no longer be a metric. The assistant helps you to talk to individual customers, whenever it is needed.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Start out with a full 30-day free trial, cancel at anytime with no questions asked.

Pay month-to-month

A subscription that pays for itself. Lower your churn, increase your retention, and make more revenue than what you spend on this membership.

What's included

  • Unlimited product access

  • Prevention tools

  • Virtual churn assistant

  • Coming Soon: Recovery tools

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Frequently asked questions

How much money can this save me?

We predict that Churnkit should at least be able to deter 20% of your voluntary churn. In a medium-sized B2B business (25,000 MMR, 8% churn), that could potentially save you $14,900 this year alone. Calculate it yourself.

How much time do I need to invest in this?

We are big on automation! You will continue to gain valuable insights and updates on your churn progress via e-mail even if you don't invest a second into it.

What is the churn digest?

We send you an email once per day (or per your liking) summarizing what's going on in your app, and how you can reduce churn and improve retention.

How does Churnkit decrease churn?

Churnkit gives you the quantitative insights you need to prioritize changes in your product and connects you to interesting customers for more qualitative insights. It also allows you to implement automated retention strategies, such as offering extended trials.

What if it doesn't help with churn?

If your churn is going up and not down since integrating Churnkit, send us an e-mail and we'll look at it together. If your business is not compatible, you get a full refund.

How can the daily digest help?

We are not building another analytics tool you need to take a class for to understand it. The churn assistant will deliver the actionable insights you need via e-mail. No digging required.

Ready for lower churn?

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